“She Will Prance Around In Sexy Lingerie Trying To Get YOU To Have Sex When You Know The
4 Keys To Seduction

Discover This Easy-To-Use System That Works for a Lifetime,
Gives Her The Romance
She Hungers For and You the
Mind-Blowing Sex You Crave

Want Way More Passion
Yet Feel Like A Helpless Failure In
The Most Important Part Of Your Life
Yet Begging Makes The Rejection Unbearable?

      From: Dr. Patti Taylor

      Re: Transforming her into a truly turned-on woman who feels sexually, emotionally and energetically alive.

      Dear Friend,

      Does that prospect thrill you?

      Ready to be recognized and treated by women as a 
sexual genius?

      Want to know what a woman NEEDS from you to get turned-on?

      She wants to crave a man:
      A woman is hoping 
and praying that her guy will know how to 
take them both from that place of listless
 boredom to the world of magic and turn-on.

      She craves “feeling met” – that experience 
where you don’t have to guess. You just KNOW what most feeds her from moment to moment.

      She wants to admire a man:
      When she directly 
experiences your ability to “know” her – to
 “get” her as she wants to be gotten. She’s
 filled to overflowing with feelings of
 respect and admiration.

      She wants to desire and be desired: 
 finds you – as a sexual genius – irresistible. 
She loves being desired by someone who gets and is relentless about accurately giving her 

      And why TONIGHT?

Because a sexual genius lives fully in—and
 seizes—the moment. However “proficient” (or
 clumsy) you are in the arts of erotic
 gratification, I am about to show you how to 
go to genius, starting from right there.

      In other words, whatever your current
 situation may be, you have sexual genius 
inside. I know this because I’ve seen sexual
 genius come alive hundreds of times in
 clients and workshop participants.

      And be sure you get your copy of my free eBook, “More Sex, More Often.” (get it below)

      Discover the first of the four Keys to Seduction, gratis. See if you like my style of teaching. Ensure you feel confident this info will be easy to understand. Be certain you can integrate these Keys effortlessly into your day.

      Give her want she secretly wants, but will never ask for. . . Artfully seduce your woman, whether she’s your latest conquest or your life partner of 50 years.

With These Simple Concepts, You Will:

  • Read into what she’s thinking, feeling, wanting, and needing.
  • Master the art of making her sensual offers that are accurately tuned to where she’s at (even if she can’t tell you).
  • Manage her energy in the most efficient way, minimizing the time it takes to get her to total turn-on.
  • Confidently navigate situations where your seduction effort feels complicated, complex, or even hopeless.
  • Be the deliriously happy recipient of more sexual appetite than you ever dreamed possible from the woman who matters most.

Bring Any Woman to Her Most Heightened State of Arousal, Even From a Dead Stop

      In the first, Seduce Her Tonight, you learn the first two of two keys, “A String of Yeses” and “Erotic Vigilance.” Pair these skills together and you will see positive momentum toward a more sensual connection with her.

      The second book, the Seduction Accelerator, adds “Vulnerability” and “Vision” skills to round out and enhance your seduction success.

      The third book, Her Sexual Trainer, shows you how to go beyond “Vision,” to owning the sexual experiences you create with your partner. You carry the torch, the mantle, of your sexual life-long learning.

      You are already training her, just by being involved with her sexually. . .

      Learn how to do it in a way that creates the momentum for rich, new sensual experiences in a way that allows her to surrender to her passion with you.

The Seduction Trilogy
is a 3 eBook series:

      And each eBook comes with a companion audio file, read by the sexy Sloane Fox, to titillate and educate you simultaneously.

  • Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
  • Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
  • Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

      If you are not currently getting the quality or quantity of sensual and sexual exploration and passion you’d like to savor in life, these fundamental Keys are a turn-around strategy. (Grab the free eBook that explains “Small Offers” Key below.)

      Imagine how it’s going to feel when you approach 
her with a sense of confidence you wouldn’t trade for anything, because you have 
the techniques and the process that brings any woman 
to her most heightened states of arousal possible. No matter how long she’s “been on the rocks.”

Arousal starts in her head.
You knew that. . .
But do you know HOW to really get her going?

      Transform her into a truly turned-on woman who feels sexually, emotionally and energetically alive with these easy techniques.

  • Become her “sexual trainer;” be the man who owns creating the variety, fun and pleasure, allowing her to surrender to your ride.
  • Learn how to get her to want to reveal her most outrageous sexual fantasy adventures.
  • Learn the art of “Erotic Vigilance,” which lets you know exactly where she is (stone cold, lukewarm, getting hotter, or hot, wet, squirming and turned on…) and how to take her higher from there.
  • Become a “Visionary Lover,” able to orchestrate a hot lovemaking session from start to finish with extraordinary results.
  • “Positive Acknowledgments” start rolling off your tongue like water, it’s suddenly so easy to come up with compliments that make Mama happy.
  • Your ability to “Touch for Rapture” gives her an avalanche of sensation. She wants you to touch her all the time now.

      Written by me, a woman, with a PhD, who is an intimacy expert. Now you can literally learn these techniques once and leverage them successfully for a lifetime.

START HERE: You CAN BE the Sexual Genius She Craves, Admires and Desires

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      Giving her small offers that elicit a “string of yeses” will get the sensual connections sparking. She WANTS YOU to want her.

      She wants to be desired.

      As men, often the offers you make are too big for her to say, “yes.”

      Learn how to read her and make offers that engender her trust and interest in getting closer, and more sexual, to you.

      More Sex, More Often explains the first of the four keys to seduction.

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