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eBook 1 “More Sex, More Often”
Free eBook Reveals Seduction Key #1,
Small Offers that Create a String of Yeses
This little eBook can change your life.

Want to have more sex? Better sex? Want to seduce your woman in a way that she is HAPPY and EXCITED to be with you?

In this free eBook, you get a sample of the first of the four keys to seduction: Small Offers. Dr. Patti explains how to make small offers that lead to a string of yeses from a woman.

It’s the first of four concepts that you need to know to begin to effectively seduce a woman.

Small Offers create a massive win:win in your sex life.

Audio Interview 1
Sloane Fox Interviews Dr. Patti Taylor
About The Tenets of The Seduction Trilogy
Sloane goes over, in detail with Dr. Patti, all of the 4 Keys to Seduction, the Principles of Arousal, the concept of being a woman’s “Sexual Trainer” from Patti’s new series.

You can learn so much, just from THIS interview alone!

Audio Interview 2
Sexy Talk, Love Lines Interview – Dr. Patti Talks
to Daka Raj About Using Seduction Keys
This interview teaches you to use language, with an understanding of the intersection of mind and body, to have hotter, juicer and more connected lovemaking.

Is she visual, auditory or kinesthetic during her phases of arousal? Find out and become a more erotically vigilant lover.

eBook 2 Sexy Talk, Love Lines:
Open Mind Report
This transcript of Dr. Patti’s interview with Master Sexual Genius, Daka Raj, notes where Raj uses any of the 4 Keys to Seduction or the 3 Secrets of the Sexual Trainer during their conversation.

When you listen to the conversation, with this guide in your hand, you can see HOW Raj APPLIES the concepts in his lovemaking.

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