“Why You Can TRUST
Dr. Patti’s Wisdom”

"I Could See Her Eyes Light Up."

“I must confess that I didn’t believe in your concept of running menus … that was until last night.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and when I invited a potential date out and she declined, instead of giving up, I decided to opt for your menus solution of offering different menus and it worked like a charm!

I could see her eyes light up at the second possibility – and was impressed at the simplicity and beauty of it." — Tayo

Dr. Patti is a one-of-a-kind, a trailblazer, in an area which is as poorly understood as parts of the ancient world. She is an expert guide and the real deal, investigating the interplay of sexuality and the human heart and spirit. Lead on!

632 —Bill Lamond, Founding Member, Personal Coaching Profession

Dr. Patti is an astronaut amongst traditional sexual researchers - an avid researcher of sexuality and the orgasmic journey, who lives it authentically, in her own life. She has been the inspiration for my own work, and a beacon of practical wisdom!

633 —Shama, CHt, CDC, TDE, Founder of The Pleasure Paradigm

Dr. Patricia Taylor performs sexual magic, transforming the seemingly difficult into the easily-doable. She guides you lovingly from the simple to the profound.

637 —Charla Hathaway, Founder, Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School

Having been under the training of 2 masters in the Chinese tradition of Tai Chi and Sexual Energy Cultivation, I knew instantly that Dr. Patti was no less a true master herself. I regard her work in sexuality as a true path for spiritual freedom and enlightenment.

638 —Richard Anton Diaz, Founder, Sexy Spirits, New York City

Move From Begging, Manipulation and Frustration to Seductive Mastery

  • Learn HOW women want to be seduced. This works!
  • Enroll her in increasing her pleasure. If she’s shut down, here’s what to do.
  • Help her get in touch with her turn-on. It’s in there. She wants to find it. Help her.
  • Take her from negative or neutral into arousal. If she’s “on the rocks,” how to get her off.
  • Learn the secret to “running menus” she’ll be eager to take you up on.
  • Create a lifetime of sexual learning, to become “her sexual trainer,” so you can have Sandbox Dates to become better lovers together.

      It’s possible to achieve a whole new level of sexual worldliness, sophistication and satisfaction.

      Whether you’re motivated to be the “Orgasm King” to a string of lovely ladies or you desire a longer, more powerful, and more partner-connecting experience than either of you have ever imagined. . .

What Dr. Patti Wants You To Know
For Your Next Erotic Date

      Hi Soon-To-Be “Master Sexual Genius,”

      My favorite thing in the world is to empower YOU to learn to take your woman on erotic adventures so delicious, she can’t get enough of you.

      I want her Yoni to get turned-on at the mention of your name.

      I want her to feel completely safe in your arms, willing to let it all go and reach for her turn-on.

      You are about to vault into a whole new level of sexual mastery and profound pleasure with your partner.

     I give you deeply detailed information about exactly how seduction works for women, both biologically and psychologically.

      When I see loving relationships created or renewed, when I see the lushness of deeply-satisfied women and their thrilled and gratified men, I know I’m contributing something wonderful to the world. And to be honest, I’m helping create a world that I want to live in.

      It’s so rewarding for me to fuse the vast and wonderful body of ancient wisdom with the cutting edge of neuro-science—and to see the results. I love empowering people to make better love.

      And giving a woman the kind of erotic attention I’m about to teach you, will pay off for you in ways you never imagined, in all parts of your relationship.

      This is the best investment in your personal life you may ever make.

      Whatever your stage of lovemaking experience and expertise, this series gives you what you need now — and, what you’ll need to advance to the next level.

      I love teaching men and woman how to give and receive orgasmic pleasure. You’ll be thrilled to learn that this step-by-step program is carefully crafted so that all you have to do is follow the simple plan. It’s that easy!

      Maybe you’re pretty sexually experienced?

      Are you ready to break way out of the box you’ve been in, and take her to new domains of delirious delight?

      I’ll show you how to enjoy a whole new level of erotic mastery.

      Or perhaps you’re at such a level of erotic expertise that you wonder if you should still be reading this?

      • You’re a man whose woman gets weak at the knees at the mere anticipation of a date with you
      • You already know how to reach into her soul and take her on an erotic journey across the solar system

      That’s perfect…because you’re the kind of person that seeks expert advice and wants the leading edge technology that I deliver.

      The true expert yearns to exploit the last ounce of technique.

      “The rich get richer” and sexual experts know there’s always a lot more.

      What if you are single?

      Learning this material will prepare your mind and body to attract partners who desire an orgasmically juicy relationship. By learning these keys to seduction, you’ll learn what it takes to attract and arouse a truly spectacular woman.

      My sex life continues to explode with ever-expanding love, unlimited joy, sensational pleasure, deep intimacy and orgasmic ecstasy. I know my teachings—which have worked for thousands—can work for you! I have made the so many “regular guys” the kind for whom women line up to get taken into ecstasy. You can be one of them too.

      You are curious now, right?

Then Let’s Get Started!

"Thank You For Describing So Clearly What A Woman's Pleasure Can Look Like"

“This is great, Patti! Your use of the English Sexual,Vocabulary really showed up for me, when I read this. This is the first time I ever received such a clear description on giving a woman pleasure. And what that pleasure looks like! Thank You for you definitions and descriptions.”
Vicky C