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Dr. Patti has written a step-by-step guide that will take some practice. It’s not a magic blue pill. It’s a process that will move her from turn off to turn on, but not like a switch, more like a rheostat.

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The “State of Dating” Insider’s Club Special Offer

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EBOOK 1 Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes

This comprehensive guide to seduction gives you the step-by-step approach for giving her an offer she loves to say, “yes” to!

In part one of the Seduction series (Seduce Her Tonight!) you discover two of the Keys: The String of Yeses and Erotic Vigilance. These Keys open communication, thereby opening her.

Sexually she desires variety, but may not know specifically what she wants. Once you know how to make offers to which she says, “yes,” you start taking her in the direction of openness, relaxation and expanded sexuality. And you will know exactly what to do when some of your offers are not accepted.

Through your presence, awareness, and positive attention on her, you posses a magical skill, called “Erotic Vigilance,” that is a powerful prerequisite to total turn-on. The secret to seduction is how you put all of your noticing and attention on her. “Erotic Vigilance is your personal powerhouse.

EBOOK 2 Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex

The next two Keys — Vulnerability and Vision—let you skillfully handle those most tricky situations men find themselves in with women. Specifically, they enable you to reach her emotionally — her feelings are the source of exceptional turn-on and passion.

You will be able to seduce a woman on all levels by getting skilled at her dance, and using the right timing at the right target to cinch the deal.

You will be her visionary lover with special gifts. You will be able to not only focus in present time on the fine specifics, but simultaneously rise to an eagle’s eye view of the entire process.

Become a creator, the creator of your own seduction scenario.

You’ll see the entire seduction the way a writer might see a novel, fully formed, from beginning to end, even if the manuscript has not yet been written.

The Seduction Accelerator Program has been designed to work in virtually all relationships and for many different man-woman situations. Use it for relationships that are “on the rocks,” “coasting,” “heating up,” or “steamy.”

EBOOK 3 Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

This is the book every woman hopes you will buy before your next erotic encounter so she can surrender to her fantasies and desires without having to openly TELL you what they are. You will begin to unearth them safely.

Find out why she is going to LOVE to be trained by you. . .

Learn how to get her to want to share with you her most outrageous sexual adventures.

Begin to train her sexually both without her noticing you’re doing it (when that’s appropriate), or with her overt agreement (initiating a sexual training program together).

You’ll learn how to recognize what she wants sexually. You will learn how to communicate openly and honestly with her about what pleases both her and you sexually.

You will know how to help a woman turn herself on, not just how you can help turn her on.

The 3 Secrets of the Sexual Trainer:

  • Super Secret #1: You are always training her—one way or another
  • Super Secret #2: Teach her to teach you her deepest desires
  • Super Secret #3: Novelty is an amazingly potent source of turn on

You have never explored such new areas of sensuality as you do now, integrating fantasies and desires, together, in a safe and consensual pairing of passion and excitement.

AUDIO BOOK 1 Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes

Sloane Fox, with her irresistible voice reads to you, giving her own sexy inflections to Dr. Patti’s teachings.

AUDIO BOOK 2 Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex

You can feel the passion and belief in this wisdom, as Sloane reads to you, spoils you and gets you all fired up!

AUDIO BOOK 3 Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

An aural delight, Sloane reads a provocative version of Dr. Patti’s greatest advice for turning up the passion in your sex life. You’ll want to listen, over and over, to this saucy audio book.

Access Everything You Need Right This Moment
for $291.00 $97.00

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I’m confident about the sheer quality of the content and the ability for the Seduction Trilogy to convey to you the techniques that will make your lovers start prancing around the house in sexy lingerie, waiting for you to take them to the stars.

This is the same information Dr. Patti teaches in her private client coaching that would, depending on where you live, cost $300 an hour for her support. You can have it all for less than the cost of a nice dinner for two (and I promise the sex will be better ;))

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P.S. You get a 100% Take-it-to-the-Bank Guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, you have 30 days to let us know and we are great about immediately processing your refund.

P.P.S. Easy to contact – Email us [email protected] or call 650 948-0500. During business hours, you can even talk to a real person, usually the owners, Tim and Susan Bratton. (It’s a professional family business, with a big heart.)

P.P.P.S. When you purchase the Seduction Trilogy your privacy is guaranteed. The charge on your credit card statement will say it’s for “Personal Life Media.” There will be nothing about this subject matter in your financial records. Nothing arrives in the mail – you access everything on the private membership website.

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If you are not using these easy concepts to increase your sensual pleasure, what will YOU be missing out on?

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